20th April 2012

The Disappearing walking tour

By Johanna

Image of The Disappearing walking tour

Generosity and a guillotine in The Red Room space, these last few days. Stephanie, Rory and Cameron have been putting together transparent invitations for the “Disappearing Walking Tour”, on Saturday 19th May. Even before the invitations have been posted, we’ve almost booked up the first walk and so, are considering a third - late at night, in the creepy darkness I think the disappearing presences will be most alive.

Tim has been racing around Sydney meeting with poets Martin Harrison, Nick Bryant Smith, Lorna Munro and Astrid Lorange all who are sucking out the secrets in locations for our project. Each poet reinterpreting spaces under the watch of the Historic Houses Trust. Dead things speaking loudly. Lost things finding the light. Not to mention the grand staircase in Elizabeth Bay House, where the launch for our project will be held on 31st of May. A staircase that looks like it falls from and rises to the end of the world, where there's only dancing allowed.

And here, in a city cafe,  the themes of our project, 'The Disappearing' become the themes of my life. Disappearing; walking; inhabiting; discovering; burying; resurrecting; hiding and finding. Trying to merge with the way things are.