2nd February 2013

We Want a General

By Johanna

The first of February and the Red Room space is buzzing white in new painted walls. I couldn't write until now. The poetry mind was in darkness as I constructed new sentences with which to speak and new pages on which to write. The language of last year has faded into photographs and now, today, there is a forwardness made possible by time. Everything is different now, even the colour in the Room. 

There was a man on a ladder with a bucket reciting excerpts of Romanian poetry to me, when I entered the building today. The man who once painted libraries and birds has moved upstairs and there's a toilet all to ourselves. We have extra space for our education team who begin work towards the end of February; a fresh and joyful group of people to lead our schools programs and grow our work in Correctional Centres.  

No matter how much time between 2012 and 2014, The Disappearing project continues to re appear; today it is calling out for submissions from poets about Oxford Street. In April, we'll be travelling with The Disappearing to Darwin. In May, you will be invited into a mysterious Melbourne location, where Oscar Schwarz will explore The Disappearing as it relates to architecture and the mechanics of language. 

And, how do we do all this with a tiny team? Well, we hire a General to ensure smooth operations and we hope, hope, hope, increased support for us to pay our poets and take our poetry into spaces and places where you'd least expect it.

 If you'd like to apply for the full time position of General Manager with The Red Room Company, then email Melissa for a job description and more details. Does a blog have to have a personal component too? If so, I'd like to say today I have more than I can handle.