Blooming in the spring
From a country called Japan
Flowered Bonsai tree
Bonsai by Joseph, Year 5, Waterford State Primary School, QLD, 2013

Red Room Poetry Education inspires students from Years 3-12 and their teachers to create, perform and publish poetry. We enliven experiences with poetry by bringing contemporary poets into classrooms across Australia to run intensive writing workshops that awaken imaginations, support creative opportunities and curriculum outcomes. 


Red Room Poetry Object is a free poetry-writing competition for students in Years 3-10. Red Room Poetry Object invites young writers and their teachers to submit poems about objects that hold special significance to them. In 2013 Red Room Poetry Object linked over 70 school communities and published 1200 student and teacher poems. Find out more.

Red Room Poetry Education is proudly supported by The Graeme Wood Foundation. 

  • "It made me appreciate what a powerful tool poetry was... there was so much opening up, respect, and sharing, from the most unlikely group of poets!"
    Sarah Johnston, Mt Carmel High School
  • "I recently saw this program on display in Melbourne... It seemed to spark the students' interest in language and verse to a degree I had not anticipated."
    Professor Geoffrey Blainey, The Ian Potter Foundation
  • "The Red Room Company provides the right environment and stimuli for students to discover their talent."
    Ann Ding, Year 10 student at Pymble Ladies' College
  • "Poet Luke Beesley gave me, the ‘teacher’ (aka, the learner) new ways to talk/think/appreciate/write/share poetry."
    Natalie Bellis, Head Teacher, The Peninsula School
  • "The Red Room Company... brings poetry to where students are and to where their interests lie, and then transports them beyond."
    Eva Gold, Executive Director, ETA NSW
  • "As a poet working with The Red Room Company, I have been privileged to see the impact of their poetry education program on young people. Red Room helps poets and students connect, explore and engage with poetry on a level unlike anything else I've seen. As a writer, it's inspiring to witness it!"
    Candy Royalle, Poet
  • "Too often students encounter poetry in faded anthologies or as analytical tasks. What a privilege it is to hear poetry in the air, from a real, live poet’s mouth. "
    Ms. ALex Lawson, English and Literature Teacher, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator for English Department, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School
  • "I used the poetry cards with a Year 9 class yesterday and they were a huge hit. Students finished one card and then swapped with others... Absolutely fantastic!"
    Bryan, Teacher, Wollongong High School
  • "Positive, uplifting, emotional! I was so impressed with the student’s enthusiasm for this program. More please!"
    Ms. Sonia May, Endeavour Sports High School
  • "Candy was exceptional, she brought excitement to the class and is a brilliant performer. I loved the workshop! "
    student, UWS Young Writers' Day
  • "The students and I consider the program transformative. Its benefits to students are exceptional."
    Dr Felicity Plunkett, Red Room Company poet
  • "In many ways my workshops at these high schools were some of the best experiences I have had with poetry."
    Dr Lachlan Brown, Red Room Company poet
  • "The program is enormously flexible and can easily be adapted to suit the needs of the school…. It provides opportunities for differentiation and accommodates a range of learning styles"
    Maura Manning, Head of Teaching and Learning, Pymble Ladies' College

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Macquarie Fields High School, NSW

Celebrated poet Luka Lesson led a Music + Poetry pilot program with 180 Year 9 students of Macquarie Fields High School. Luka performed for the students before guiding them through their own writing experiences. Click here to see more pictures from the workshop.

You can read the students' powerful works of poetry here.

Check out Luka's poem for The Disappearing, "Hy/ide Park".

Teaching Stories

Diwurruwurru (The Borroloola Poetry Club) - Poetry Object 2014

This teaching story is brought to you by Dr Phillip Hall and Diwurruwurru (The Borroloola Poetry Club) one of the participants in the Poetry Object competition. 

Borroloola is remote town located in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory. It has a population of around 600-700 people in the Dry Season; and approximately 800-1000 people in the Wet Season. The population of Borroloola is 95% Indigenous and is made up of members of the Yanyuwa, Garrawa, Mara and Gudanji peoples. Diwurruwurru, meaning “message stick”, is made up of both adult ...