Red Room Poetry Education is one of Australia's most established poetry education programs, placing poets in schools and learning institutions across the country. This offers participants unique access to contemporary poets and poetics. For poets, it means professional development and employment opportunites as a poet. 

Participating institutions pick a learning resource, and Red Room Poetry finds a poet who we think will be well-suited to the institution. The Red Room Education learning resources are all based on past projects by Red Room Poetry. They contain a wealth of potential exercises and ideas to guide you through the project, but they are also flexible. Red Room Poetry encourages poets to take the resources in new directions, find new and exciting ways for the participants to publish and exhibit their work.

As a facilitating poet, you are also expected to create a new work for the group your working with, and to read, perform or present that work to the community in some way. 

Contact us if you'd like to register your interest as a poet within our programs.