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Unlocked @ Balund-a in the Koori Mail

13th July 2016

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July 13, 2016  

New Shoots on ABC Radio National

11th July 2016

Celebrating New Shoots on ABC RN's Earshot Program.

ABC Radio National

New Shoots - Eileen Chong with The Planthunter

8th June 2016

The Planthunter

New Shoots - Mark Tredinnick with The Planthunter

17th May 2016

The Planthunter

New Shoots - Tamryn Bennett with The Planthunter

27th April 2016

The Planthunter

The Disappearing Poetry Workshops @ Booranga Writers' Centre

14th April 2016

Sydney, NSW, April 14, 2016– Join us with Zohab Zee Khan, acclaimed slam poet and Wagga local, in a special The Disappearing poetry workshop. Participants will use their own experiences of Wagga Wagga to reflect about the changing physical settings and landmarks around them. Up to five of the participants will be paid to perform their pieces in a Twilight Poetry Tour (Date TBC), held in partnership with The Booranga Writers’ Centre... read more »

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The Red Room Company Celebrates National Eucalypt Day

17th March 2016

Sydney, NSW, March 17, 2016 Coinciding with National Eucalypt Day (March 23), The Red Room Company will be collaborating with Bundanon Trust thanks to a grant from The Dahl Trust, as part of our poetic arts project, New Shoots. New Shoots is a celebration of the relationship between poets and plants, cultivating poems to create poetic pathways in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney Olympic Park and now Bundanon Trust.

At Bundanon, we will create The Eucalyptus Eco-Poetry Project (EEPP). The EEPP will invite poets and students to respond to site-specific eucalypts & ecological communities to enrich narratives, student engagement, and connections with the many eucalyptus species at Bundanon Trust ... read more »

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Harmony Day Workshops with Zohab Zee Khan - The Disappearing with The Biennale of Sydney

17th March 2016

Sydney, NSW, March 17, 2016– In celebration of Harmony Day, The Red Room Company, in partnership with the 20th Biennale of Sydney and Carriageworks, will hold a workshop and poetry reading with primary school students from Alexandria Park Community Junior School. Alexandria Park is one of the most diverse school students in the country, with students coming from over 80 different countries, speaking over 60 languages.

21 March 2016: Harmony Workshop date at Carriageworks
2 April 2016, 12 – 1pm: Student Poetry Reading held at Carriageworks, featuring Zohab Zee Khan

A collaboration with Zohab Zee Khan, The Red Room Company, The Biennale of Sydney, Carriageworks, and Alexandria Park Community Junior School... read more »

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FREE Creative Writing Workshops by Berndt Sellheim with RRC and CSU.

29th January 2016


Join poet, novelist, and academic Berndt Sellheim in a 90-minute creative writing workshop that maps the appearing and disappearing worlds around you.

Presented in partnership with The Red Room Company and The Charles Sturt University, this one-off workshop will use language to guide your reflections of changing local landscapes and environments. The poems from this workshop will then form part of The Red Room Company’s The Disappearing 2.0 project – a digital project that maps poetry to place.

Red Room Media Release

Writer's Edit interviewed Aden Rolfe on John Forbes and Rhyming The Dead.

1st January 2016

"He’s like our John Ashbery: everyone wants to write like him but no one quite does because none of us understands what, exactly, makes the poems work, so we all just all us stand around looking like cheap knock-offs."

Writers Edit spoke with Aden Rolfe on John Forbes and Rhyming The Dead.

Writers Edit