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Red Room Exhibits Winning Poetry

1st February 2017

The Poetry Object featuring in Outthere, the in-flight magazine of Rex Airlines, Australia.

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REX Outthere

Poetry Takes Flight - REX Outthere

15th December 2016

REX Outthere

New Shoots Poetry Prize on ABC RN Blueprint for Living

3rd December 2016

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ABC Radio National

Poetry Object 2016 in Illawarra Mercury

18th November 2016

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Illawarra Mercury

The Disappearing on ABC RN Books and Arts

14th November 2016

Celebrating The Disappearing on ABC Radio National Books and Arts with Michael Cathcart.

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ABC Radio National

Unlocked @ Balund-a in the Koori Mail

13th July 2016

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July 13, 2016  

New Shoots on ABC Radio National

11th July 2016

Celebrating New Shoots on ABC RN's Earshot Program.

ABC Radio National

New Shoots - Eileen Chong with The Planthunter

8th June 2016

The Planthunter

New Shoots - Mark Tredinnick with The Planthunter

17th May 2016

The Planthunter

New Shoots - Tamryn Bennett with The Planthunter

27th April 2016

The Planthunter