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Nana’s Shower Cap Brooch

By Anna Jacobson

Mum gives Nana a shower cap
disco ball sequins sewn on top
aqua brooch pinned above the frilly trim.
‘I got one for my birthday too.’ 
Nana’s laughter ...

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K1: Yellomundee

By Evelyn Araluen Corr

          Beyond your stage
          the audience murmur
men and women weep
and silk their skin bare,
for here and gone and taken.
Held by mostly mountains now
you wear crowns
of ...

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The Disappearing 2.0

As part of the relaunch of The Disappearing, we've created a mobile optimised site for you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »


By Manal Younus

I watched my grandmother weave 
She’d sit on the concrete
Her henna covered soles 
Pressing down on the plaited la­­­­­kha reeds
Smooth beneath her foot

I watched her ...

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By Bonny Cassidy

Malcolm Howie, painter of fungi
bound his watercolours and died, aged 36.

From age 16 he was unable to walk, and towards the end of his life
only able to ...


Stand Tall

By GT Sewell

The wind carried the words through Bakery Hill.
For the white, and, the blue. The blood that was spilt.
So many have gathered, so many shall fall.
We are in ...


YALA GARI Group Poem

By Lorna Munro

Maria               My place is pink.
Willow              Taste of the salt and sand and wind.
Ada                 The pale silvery eggs at dusk.
Jennifer                       Is this where I truly belong?
Abigail             I ...


our primitive lives

By John Bennett

The Opera House squats on Djubuguli, once a tidal island
facing a sandstone cliff  bracing our first farm whose sandy,
tough conditions dealt a pitiful crop of wheat and ...


Leaving Wilona

By John Stokes

(from ‘flower-drum sequence’)

Here it was lost, that blood-quiet ground;
guilt and imaginary loves gripping
the shade trunks of bitter-vine
that joined one year to another
across the face of ...


Anneslea fragrans

By Magdalena Ball

First there is touch
teasing evergreen into position
waking naked
against sunlight
hot plasma in the morning
opens brachlets

you can feel the tension
the garden on full alert

each ...


Fallen Myrtle Trunk

By Stuart Cooke

in the temperate forests, the wet
              sclerophyll forests, where the wind
                               moans in yourm leaves, a storm beating
                                         in muffled drums at the entrance
                                                  to the underworld, the lands
                                                           of ...


Singular Voices in The Strand

By Paul Scully

Envy prowls the highway-perimeter
Modest bungalows interspersed
in turn-of-the-century streets
California among the porticos and finials

Black, always coke-black
somewhere in his outfit braiding the mottled manilla
and bottle green ...


Shadow dance at Dorrigo Plains

By Tony Lintermans

Rosewood, a tree that I have never seen
except embalmed in chairs, rises each night
in a forest of thick cries writhing
under bulldozer blades at Dorrigo.

A hundred years ...



By Jackson

They tried to regrow the forest.
Met on alternate Saturdays
with baby trees in tubes,
buckets, plastic tree-guards.
The rows of holes, sheltered
seedlings, rations of water
their day-off task ...


Solitary Confinement of the Mind

By SCCC Poets

By Peter V.

“The loss is not the imprisonment of four walls, but the imprisonment of your mind.”
How many of you have truly learnt their lessons?
Did they lead ...

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The Choice

By SCCC Poets

By Andrew

Give me the chance to make it right
Only then you’ll see the man in me
Who don’t make mistakes and ask for forgiveness
I’m ...

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By SCCC Poets

By Don

“Impress” that’s the way I dress
When you’re down on the ground you need some finesse
“Rubble” that’s what I leave when dealin with trouble ...

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Real Me

By SCCC Poets

By Dosh

God gave me an angel from above
To tell the woman, the woman that I love
 I want to make come true, a fairytale
Story about me and ...

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