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Longing, Wanting

By Stiff Gins

Longing, Wanting
My edge, a blade
Slice through air, slice through air
No breath, no rain
Stay in wait and wait to fade away

Wanting, longing for
That arm, that ...


Subsumed; June celebration

By Jeremy Balius

After Peter Upward

out here being
                             speaks of making
               now as afterward
                                           or at least another

                           across a landscape
              defined by absence
not defined, but
              within possibility

                                                        casually subsumed
              codetta ...

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The Disappearing 2.0

As part of the relaunch of The Disappearing, we've created a mobile optimised site for you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »

Little Wooden Duck

By Joel McKerrow

They call it a symbol. A sacrament. They call it sacred.
Every night we take off our skins and hang them upon the line,
drying out the stain of day ...

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By Cameron Hindrum

Finally I came to regard as sacred the disorder of my mind...
Brett Whiteley

I have this black and sacred book
Spanning the years like an
On opening it ...

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Nana’s Shower Cap Brooch

By Anna Jacobson

Mum gives Nana a shower cap
disco ball sequins sewn on top
aqua brooch pinned above the frilly trim.
‘I got one for my birthday too.’ 
Nana’s laughter ...

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K1: Yellomundee

By Evelyn Araluen Corr

          Beyond your stage
          the audience murmur
men and women weep
and silk their skin bare,
for here and gone and taken.
Held by mostly mountains now
you wear crowns
of ...

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By Manal Younus

I watched my grandmother weave 
She’d sit on the concrete
Her henna covered soles 
Pressing down on the plaited la­­­­­kha reeds
Smooth beneath her foot

I watched her ...

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