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…because he believes that dreams are fragile
and shouldn't be disturbed.

           ~ excerpt from "The Great Displaced" by Omar Musa


The Disappearing

The Disappearing is a free app for Apple and Android devices that (literally) maps poetry and place. As an ongoing project, The Disappearing uncovers poetry’s invisible currents in the world around us. Using geo-location to map poetry to place, the app charts fragmentary histories, impressions and memories, encouraging readers to interact in a non-linear way. Not only is The Disappearing a pocket-sized library of poems about places, the app is also an alternative travel guide that preserves and shares experiences, emotions and ideas that vanish over time.

The Disappearing 2.0

Created by The Red Room Company, The Disappearing is an interactive app that maps poetry to place, charting traces, spaces and memories that transform or vanish with time. In 2016, we will launch The Disappearing 2.0 with new content inspired by Western Sydney and regional NSW. The Disappearing 2.0 new commission poets include John Muk Muk Burke, Joel Ephraims, Anita Heiss, Elizabeth Hodgson, Jeanine Leane and Berndt Sellheim.

 How to Submit to The Disappearing

The Disappearing is currently under re-development and will be relaunched in 2016. Sign up here to receive updates.


The Disappearing Walking Tour

The Disappearing Walking Tour was held during The Sydney Wristers' Festival 2012. The Red Room Company Artistic Director, Johanna Featherstone guided the audience through Sydney to uncover its hidden poetic currents. The tour included meeting points with poets, who read poems about that location.


 The Disappearing on ABC Radio National

A special Poetica feature on The Disappearing, including readings by poets Kim Cheng Boey, Adam Aitken, Rachael Mead, Andy Kissane, Kate Lilley, Omar bin Musa, Juan Garrido-Salgado, Brett Dionysius, and Judi Morison.

Listen to the podcast here

 The Disappearing Learning Resource

The Disappearing Learning Resource offers students an authentic publication mode for both poetry and descriptive writing that maps ideas and memories of place. Workshops utilising this resource allow participants to interact with this live app as well as create and publish original works that address multimodal requirements of the Australian Curriculum: English. 

School case studies:
The Disappearing at Tennant Creek Writers' Camp
The Disappearing at Blakehurst High School