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‘…because he believes that dreams are fragile  

 and shouldn't be disturbed.

           - Omar Musa, commisioned poet, The Disappearing  


The Disappearing is an innovative and interactive app for smartphones and tablets, which maps Australia through poetic connections to things lost or being lost.

Each poem collected in the map is connected to a specific geographic location, as well as to the notion of disappearing, of places, buildings, events, relationships. What is left behind in the wake of things.

Hundreds of poets have submitted poems, mapping the entire country with poetry. Along with previously unpublished poetry, The Disappearing features exclusive videos of readings and interviews with poets. Users can download the free app and use GPS technology to pinpoint poems in the area around them. To submit a poem, download the app today.

The Disappearing Walking Tour was held during The Sydney Wristers' Festival 2012. The Red Room Company Artistic Director, Johanna Featherstone guided the audience through Sydney to uncover its hidden poetic currents. The tour included meeting points with poets, who read poems about that location, including Martin Harrison, Astrid Lorange, Nick Bryant-Smith (SOLO from Horrowshow) and Lorna Munro

The Disappearing headed north in April 2013 for the Eye of the Storm Festival, using poetry and technology to explore the Northern Territory's hidden stories. Some of the Territory's finest poets, including Michael Giacometti, Leni Shilton, Kaye Aldenhoven, Steve Hodder Watt and Penelope Drysdale, were commissioned to write new work for the app.