Missing Persons, Glimpses and ghosts on Larakia land, St. Kilda, The Report, Gethsemane at the Bowl, At Eucla, What Ingrid Bergman Wanted, Potts Point Redevelopment (1871 fixer upper), Al Bakery, Nightpoems 13/7/2010, Mr Fucking Rocket tires of saving for a mortgage, Don't Worry Be Happy, Magpie Song, Epiphany, Leaning, Pride, gulp, South of Greg Johns’ Rhythm, Glenelg, Fountain 77, Glebe, The Rain of Bodies, Candlelight 95, Job, Nymphs, The Disappearing Suite, Beneath the South Head Old Road, 1835, My own Lucy, Lunch Hour, Now, Less of You, Traffic, En Route, Endemic Problem, Black Throated Finch, Leaving the north, This Wind, The Valley , Leaves, The Ballad of Bubble & Squeak, Gladys's Party, Diminuendo, Blackout, Living on Chocolate and Beer, Temporary, Appearance Shadows, The Max, A little history of Mechanics' Institutes, Go to be lost to others, overwhelmed/ By bones and light and themselves…*, The Arch, apere amp— (utation), Tragedy at Surfers' Paradise, Did I tell you, White Cat., Sky, Two Songs, Twenty Judgements, Charlotte Street, Steyne Hotel - Manly, How to stay afloat, The disappearing, Nothing remains, Poetry Flash Mob, A town from land John Oxley said would never be inhabited by civilised men, The Gilligan’s Nights, A View of Elizabeth Bay House, The Stairs, No Room for Tears Here, The Dig Tree, Alice, The Smell of the Sea, Sydney Refracted, The Floating Palais, eclipsing binary, Great Lake Miena, Cranbrook, Mid-June (after Martin Harrison), Tilt, 60, Tapestry’d sitting room, mint glass vase and bracken spray., Silvery, 64, Headquarters, cornerist, accountant, and entrepreneur., 62, Lost bottles depot, the outworkers sew (but not for banners)., 58, back-most lot, collapsible ceiling and underground lung ward., International Nippon Australia New Zealand Club, Our Son after the Q Bar, Croc Dreaming, She spits, Speak in hands not tongue...

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‘…because he believes that dreams are fragile  

 and shouldn't be disturbed.

           - Omar Musa, commissioned poet, The Disappearing  


The Disappearing 2.0 

Created by The Red Room Company, The Disappearing 2.0 is an interactive app that maps poetry to place, charting traces, spaces and memories that transform or vanish with time.  In 2016, we will launch a refreshed web-based app with new content inspired by regional NSW.

Sites may include hospitals, parks, train stations, factories or homes. To accompany the project we will interview each poet about their work and process, and these recordings will be available online. 

Making this iteration of the project unique, we will be partnering with Australian poetry publishers to re-publish poems in their collections that respond to the themes of The Disappearing. This brings positive attention to unknown poets but also publishers to create an infinite library of quality Australian poetry about place, and an unparalleled living historical resource that opens people’s eyes to parts of the country they never would have known about. 

The Disappearing 2.0 new commission poets include: John Muk Muk Burke, Joel Ephraims, Anita Heiss, Elizabeth Hodgson, Jeanine Leane and Berndt Sellheim.

Western Sydney Call Out 

The Red Room Company and WestWords are searching for 10 Western Sydney based Poets. Building on the success of the 2013 project, which featured over 120 poetry commissions, The Red Room Company, in partnership with WestWords is looking to commission ten poets from Western Sydney for the Disappearing 2.0. This will form some of the original content produced for relaunch of the project in early 2015.  
The Red Room Company and WestWords are searching for early career and emerging poets to participate in The Disappearing 2.0.
Poets are required to either be based or originating from Western Sydney and to consider the impacts of time on any given place or experience linked in Western Sydney.

Click here to download the form. Call Out Closes Monday, 13th September 2015. 

Republication Call Out

As part of The Disappearing 2.0, The Red Room Company are also looking to republish a selection of already published poems inspired by Regional NSW or places and experiences that are quickly disappearing. 

For more infomation, please download the form. Submissions close Monday, 7 September 2015.

What is The Disappearing?

The Disappearing is a free app for iPhone, iPad and smartphones that (literally) maps poetry and place. As an ongoing project, The Disappearing uncovers poetry’s invisible currents in the world around us. Using geo-location to map poetry to place, the app charts fragmentary histories, impressions and memories, encouraging readers to interact in a non-linear way. Not only is The Disappearing a pocket-sized library of poems about places, the app is also an alternative travel guide that preserves and shares experiences, emotions and ideas that vanish over time.


How Does It Work?

Initially commissioning poets Jill JonesMartin HarrisonAstrid LorangeNick Bryant-Smith and Lorna Munro to write poems in response to Sydney Living Museums’ historic sites, The Disappearing was launched with events at Elizabeth Bay House and a walking tour of The Rocks at The Sydney Writers’ Festival 2012. Since then, The Disappearing has continued to commission poems and publish user-generated poetry to map spaces and memories and from Alice Springs to Adelaide, Perth to Port Arthur. As well as being a living anthology of poems about place, The Disappearing features exclusive videos of readings and interviews with a variety of poets. '


How to Submit to The Disappearing

Download the App from Google Play (currently being developed-available soon)

Download the App from Apple iTunes

How to Submit A Poem and Other Useful Information 



The Disappearing Walking Tour

The Disappearing Walking Tourwas held during The Sydney Wristers' Festival 2012. The Red Room Company Artistic Director, Johanna Featherstone guided the audience through Sydney to uncover its hidden poetic currents. The tour included meeting points with poets, who read poems about that location. 

The Disappearing headed north in April 2013 for the Eye of the Storm Festival, using poetry and technology to explore the Northern Territory's hidden stories. Some of the Territory's finest poets, including Michael Giacometti, Leni Shilton, Kaye Aldenhoven, Steve Hodder Watt and Penelope Drysdale, were commissioned to write new work for the app. 

Check out the video here


The Disappearing on ABC Radio National

A special Poetica feature on The Disappearing, including readings by poets Kim Cheng Boey, Adam Aitken, Rachael Mead, Andy Kissane, Kate Lilley, Omar bin Musa, Juan Garrido-Salgado, Brett Dionysius and Judi Morison.

Click here to download audio


The Disappearing Learning Resource

The Disappearing Learning Resource offers students an authentic publication mode for both poetry and descriptive writing that maps ideas and memories of place. Workshops utilising this resource allow participants to interact with this live app as well as create and publish original works that address multimodal requirements of the Australian Curriculum: English. 

School case studies:
The Disappearing at Tennant Creek Writers' Camp
The Disappearing at Blakehurst High School