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Before the fire of money
burned my happiness.
from 'The Autograph Book' by Conor, Year 6 

Red Room Poetry Object 2015 Shortlist announced!
Congratulations and enormous thanks to each and every poet who has contributed with such consideration and generosity to Red Room Poetry Object 2015. With over 2550 object offerings from students and teachers across Australia and New Zealand, we’ve been deeply moved by the generosity, humour and thoughtfulness in the work. 

In the words of this year’s Poetry Object judge Lisa Gorton: “I was amazed and delighted by the high standard of the poetry in this competition. Some poems were funny, some heartfelt or dramatic; some were like speech and some were like a song; but every poem had something brilliant and original in it.” 


Winners and commended poets will be announced in November.

What is Red Room Poetry Object?

Red Room Poetry Object is a free poetry-writing competition for students in Years 3-10. Created by The Red Room Company, the project invites young writers and their teachers to submit poems inspired by objects that are special to them. 

Who can take part?

Red Room Poetry Object is open to students and teachers in Australia and New Zealand. In 2014, over 130 school communities participated, creating and publishing 2,554 students and teacher poems. 

How to be involved?

Teachers and students can draw inspiration from a wide range of educational resources here. Visit the Poetry Object Library to discover student and teacher poems.

Step 1:  Register your school here!

Step 2:  Download free Poetry Object teaching and learning resources. 

Step 3:  Invite students to compose a poem of no more than 20 lines about an object that is special to them.

Step 4:  Submit your poems. (Once registered, your school will be sent a link to the online submission form, where you can upload student poems)



Red Room Poetry Object provides students with creative opportunities to compose and publish their own poetry for authentic audiences. All submitted poems are published on The Red Room Company’s website.   

Student recognition

Certificates of Achievement are awarded to all participants. Prizes are awarded for Best Student Poem (Primary), Best Student Poem (Secondary), Best Teacher Poem and Best School Installation. 

In-school Poet Workshops / Contact

Want some help getting started?
The Red Room Company can organise Poet workshops in your school to help you get started on your poetry unit with students. For more information about our poetry workshops, contact The Red Room Company's Education Manager Toni Murphy at or phone (02) 9319 5090.