How can you make something from nothing?
A palace from a stone?
A body from a bone?

from 'The Trunk' by Katerina, Year 10, Meriden 


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What is Red Room Poetry Object?

Red Room Poetry Object is a poetry writing competition inviting young writers and their teachers from across Australia and New Zealand to submit poems about 'talismanic' objects that are special to them. Red Room Poetry Object is open to students in grades 3-10 and their teachers. In 2015, Red Room Poetry Object linked over 160 school communities and published 2560 student and teacher poems.

Red Room is committed to providing creative opportunities for students to compose and publish their own poetry for authentic audiences. All student and teacher poems submitted to Red Room Poetry Object are published on The Red Room Company’s website. See the 2016 poems here »


Creative Learning Resources

A new creative learning resource has been developed for Red Room Poetry Object 2016 to support deep engagement with poetic practice, meaning making and the execution of high quality works by students and their teachers.
Red Room Creative Learning works with students, teachers and communities to deepen their engagement with poetry by nurturing creative practice through inspired, critical and imaginative investigation. Our learning programs provide immersive environments where practicing poets guide students through unique writing processes to unlock unusual ways of seeing, interpreting and responding. The Red Room is committed to publishing these outcomes and providing a platform for young poets to share their work in the public domain.

Download our Creative Learning Resource


Commissioned Poets

Red Room commissioned six contemporary Australian poets to compose poems in response to their own talismanic objects. These new works are integrated into the creative learning resources and are explored in workshops as entry points to conceptual understandings and creative practice.

Ellen Van Neerven (QLD)
Adam Pettet (QLD) 
Caitlin Maling (WA/NSW) 
Matthew Heffernan (NT) 
Chloe Wilson (VIC)
Kathryn Hummel (SA)

Red Room Poetry Object 2016 will be judged by celebrated poet, Jill Jones.


How to Submit Poetry

Registrations and Submissions close Friday, 23 September, 2016.


Prizes and Awards

Certificates of Achievement are awarded to all participants. Prizes are awarded for Best Student Poem (Primary), Best Student Poem (Secondary), Best Teacher Poem, and Best School Installation. Read full prize details »


Red Room Poetry Object Exhibition

All commissioned and winning poems will be exhibited at Big Fat Smile Gallery in Wollongong.


Poetry Object on Sydney Trains

Excerpts from winning and commended poems will be exhibited on posters in Sydney's trains, as part of a new Red Room poetic arts project that gives voice to young writers by publishing poetry in unexpected places.


Contact Us

To book a poetry workshop or to find out more about Poetry Object contact or phone (02) 9319 5090. 


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