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This cloth, a dirty pink, threadbare:
ropes of terry-white stripe its breadth
like the cane-marks across my calves

~ excerpt from 'Face-washer' by Eileen Chong

All Red Room Poetry learning resources are developed in consultation with teachers, poets and education professionals, with the aim of being flexible enough to meet a number of English curriculum outcomes and to suit a range of learning abilities and classroom contexts.

Poetry Object 2017

Red Room Poetry Object 2017 learning resource is designed to support students and teachers in developing imagery and technique before composing an object poem. This resource can be used in a number of different ways to suit the needs of your students across age groups. The order of activities is flexible though we recommend delivery over 2-3 successive lessons where students are given time to reflect, conceptualise and respond. In addition to judging notes and quality criteria developed by celebrated poet Mark Treddinick, new features of this year’s resource include six newly commissioned poems, author reflections and writing prompts from our 2017 commissioned poets. These poetic examples and reflections not only expose students to contemporary Australian poets, their prompts provide insight and opportunity to broaden understanding of poetic practices, devices and a range of forms drawn from each poets unique creative process.

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Supplementary Learning Resource 

Click here to discover our Poetry Object 2017 Powerpoint teaching aid. From unique writing prompts to group writing activities, this short presentation has everything you need to get started! 

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