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Composed of interviews, readings, mini-essays and performances by Australian and international poets and writers, The Wordshed is hosted by Johanna Featherstone and was the first project linking Red Room with The University of Western Sydney’s Writing & Society Research Group.  Writers interviewed include David Malouf, Sonya Hartnett, Catherine Rey, Brian Castro, Luke Davies, John Tranter, Christos Tsiolkas and Peter Goldsworthy.

Subscribe to The Wordshed as an iTunes podcast. Choose the iTunes application from your list of programmes or preferred podcasting application when prompted.Watch individual extracts, below, from The Wordshed on YouTube.  Look for the "play all" button on the right of the page.  YouTube also has buttons that allow you to watch the segments in higher quality full screen resolution - these are found at the bottom of the individual movies.

EPISODE 1 SONYA HARTNETT The Fascination of the Feral  GIL TEAGUE On Plants  ASHLEY HAY Writing about People through Plants
DELIA FALCONER The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers  ANNA KERDIJK NICHOLSON Re-invents Captain Cook
DAVID MALOUF In the House of Writing - 1 of 6.

EPISODE 2 BRIAN and DARRAN JORDAN, ECLECTICA PRESS Creating Graphic Novels, Comics and Short Stories  ELSPETH PROBYN On Blush, Shame and Silence  DAVID MALOUF In the House of Writing - 2 of 6  JANE GIBIAN Vietnam Poems  DAVE TEH Framing Text  PETER GOLDSWORTHY Poems, Prescriptions and Writing about Death 

EPISODE 3 ANDREW REIMER and CATHERINE REY Discuss his Translation of her Novel, The Spruiker's Tale  ELIZABETH KNOX and SARA KNOX On Fantasy, Hallucination and Migraine  KATE FAGAN On Lighthouses and Vertigo  DAVID MALOUF In the House of Writing - 3 of 6  BEN ELLIS French Slang for the Australian Stage  MERLINDA BOBIS Filipino Poetry that Punches.

EPISODE 4  BRIAN CASTRO, Writing in Fragments 
ALAN WEARNE Performs 'Eagle Rock', 'On the Road to Gundagai', and 'I Go to Rio', from The Ausralian Popular Song Book  IVOR INDYK Summarises his Lecture on Shyness  ANNA POLETTI Zines, Secrets and Autobiography  DAVID MALOUF In the House of Writing - 4 of 6  JASON POULOS Comic Books and Cliches.

EPISODE 5  JOHN TRANTER 'Breathless' Women  CAROL GEORGE The Women's Weekly "Great Read"  JOANNE BURNS Tableau Vivant  THE MIXMASTERS Rap about the Western Suburbs  SAM WAGAN WATSON Fame, Family and Writing Circuit  DAVID MALOUF In the House of Writing - 5 of 6.

LUKE DAVIES Dreams and Meaning  JONATHAN KNEEBONE The Language of Advertising
ALEXA MOSES A Film Critic Talks To a Video  DAVID MALOUF In the House of Writing - 6 of 6  TOBY FITCH Reading in the Dark Room  CHRISTOS TSIOLKAS Dead Europe.