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"The learning outcomes are immense. There are huge benefits to literacy being delivered in this way, it is on the cutting edge."  

            - Jan Levy, Unlocked teacher


The Unlocked program can be flexible depending on the make-up of the students and the style of the poet. Generally however, the program includes a series of intensive workshops run over a period of three days involving a broad range of exercises and activities. Students are exposed to a diverse range of poetry and poetic styles.

There is always a strong element of performance in the workshop - students often set their poems to music and the work of all poets is recorded. In addition, students are often encouraged to illustrate their work.

At the conclusion of the workshops The Red Room Company creates a print and audio anthology - available through our online store - that is given to the students as a record of their work.


Of the publications, poet Dr. Gareth Jenkins said "public expressions of self, tangible evidence that student’s stories were worth reading, were important, the voiceless given voice, a link between the inside and the outside self, a source of pride. An object to hold in the hand, to post to mum, or husband, wife, children, friends".


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