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19th November 2019

"How we mould meanings and objects, and how objects and meanings mould us" – Sarah Rice

By Sarah Rice

Sarah Rice reflects on her new poems ‘Components' and 'My father's portrait', created as part of her Red Room Poetry Fellowship 2019 shortlist commission. 

I was thrilled to have ...

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18th November 2019

The Neighbourhood – Sara Saleh

By Sara Saleh

Sara Saleh acknowledges the presence of complex histories and relationships that exist in communities and reflects in the role of art to tell these stories. Sara was the lead poet ...

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18th November 2019

"Sometimes the poet is not there when you are there" – David Stavanger

By David Stavanger

David Stavanger reflects on the space between the creation and writing of poems during Youth Unlocked workshops with Green Square students in August this year.

Sometimes writing poetry is not ...

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