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5th December 2019

Poetry Object 2019 Judge and Prizewinners Reflect on the Competition

By Emma Rose Smith

Poetry Object 2019 winners were announced Thursday 28 November! The first place winners read their poems alongside competition judge Emilie Zoey Baker during a live-stream video event at Sydney’s ...

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3rd December 2019

Taking a dream from conception to delivery

By Kirli Saunders

Red Room Poetry in First Languages project creator and lead, Kirli Saunders discusses the inspiration for the project's inception and her own journey to honour the land in heartful ...

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2nd December 2019

Richard James Allen on his collection, 'Minimum Correct Dosage'

By Richard James Allen

Minimum Correct Dosage offers the image of a diaphanous mind, a disintegrating and reintegrating consciousness that has been through the washing machine of life and is now held in place ...

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