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14th January 2019

"Too often Western Sydney is seen as one homogenous blob" - Kevin Ngo reflects on Speaking to the suburbs

By Kevin Ngo

When I was first asked to write a set of poems based on Western Sydney, I slightly freaked out. How do I write on a topic that does justice to ...

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12th December 2018

"I don’t know where it came from, but I knew its name: healing." - Scott-Patrick Mitchell reflects on his Fellowship commission

By Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Scott-Patrick Mitchell was shortlisted for the Red Room Poetry Fellowship 2018. Due to the high quality of submissions, shortlisted poets were offered a commission opportunity from Red Room Poetry, written ...

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6th December 2018

Poetry Object 2018 winners announced

By Emma Rose Smith

A maze of tar splitting the page,
Like the imperfections of wrinkles under your eyes.

~ from ‘Mapping Love’ by Joe, Winning Poem (Secondary)

We’re delighted to announce the prize-winning ...

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