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18th July 2019

Poems to Share II nominated for teaching prize

By Amelia Theodorakis

Red Room Poetry's Poems to Share II shortlisted for EPAA.

We're thrilled to announce that our poetic classroom resource, Poems to Share II has been shortlisted for best ...

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16th July 2019

Poetry in action

By Amelia Theodorakis

Fiona McIntosh shines a warm light on Red Room Poetry's work.

Red Room Poetry blooms in the heart of Sydney and stretches its vines outwards across the country. We ...

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27th June 2019

New Connections, Urgent Purposes: Poetry in Meaningful Ways

By Emma Rose Smith

Poetry is a border-crossing genre. It can take us to distant places, show us times long past, or speak in languages unfamiliar to our daily lives. It can teach us ...

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