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8th March 2018

"The obsession that provides the motor behind everything..." Sarah Rice reflects on Obsessed: Compelled to Make

By Sarah Rice

In writing 'You-Matter' for the Red Room and Australian Design Centre to accompany their 'Obsessed: Compelled to Make' exhibition, I drew on my background in visual art, particularly in ceramics ...

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11th December 2017

Cedars Christian College teacher wins Red Room Company’s Poetry Object Competition for 2017

By Agron Latifi

English teacher by day, award winning poet by night.

Cedars Christian College teacher Peter Ramm is also not a bad boxer.

In fact his award-winning poem Canvas, reflects on his ...

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11th December 2017

Poetry Takes Flight

By REX Outthere

CURIOUSITY CONNECTS students from Alice Springs to Hobary as budding poets create works inspired by the inner worlds of treasured objects... Click to read the full story on page 9 ...

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