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We are this generation
We make this
We break this
Our world is our sculpture

~ Lachlan, Dapto High School


Red Room Poetic Learning inspires students and teachers to create, perform and publish poetry. We enliven experiences with poetry by bringing contemporary poets into classrooms to run intensive writing workshops that awaken imaginations and support creative opportunities.


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Poetry Object

Red Room Poetry Object is a free poetry-writing competition inviting students and their teachers to submit poems inspired by special objects.


Poems to Share II

Created in partnership with the Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE), Poems to Share II is a print and digital resource including 40 poetic activity cards and learning sequences to spark creativity in the classroom.


Red Room Poetic Learning is proudly supported by Oranges & Sardines Foundation, Copyright Agency, and generous individuals.

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  • "Positive, uplifting, emotional! I was so impressed with the student’s enthusiasm for this program. More please!"
    Ms. Sonia May, Endeavour Sports High School
  • "The students and I consider the program transformative. Its benefits to students are exceptional."
    Dr Felicity Plunkett, Red Room Company poet
  • "In many ways my workshops at these high schools were some of the best experiences I have had with poetry."
    Dr Lachlan Brown, Red Room Company poet
  • "The whole experience was wonderful! There was a real buzz in the playground after the event and there were students speaking about it, even today. "
    Imelda Judge, NSWETA PD Committee Manager, Macquarie Fields High School
  • "The children were very excited to learn today that they have been published! Thank you for your support along the way and for supporting the creativity of our students. They have gained so much confidence from being involved. "
    Bettina Croft, Kensington Public School
  • "Most of our girls have started the creative writing process and are enjoying the experience. Thank you for providing them with a genuine reading audience, an opportunity to be published and for the fabulous 'getting started' ideas. "
    Christine Herzog-Lewis, Learning Support, Star of The Sea College
  • " brings a great realisation that anyone can be a poet and we can’t be scared to share our creativity "
    Student, Year 9, Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, NSW
  • "It made me appreciate what a powerful tool poetry was... there was so much opening up, respect, and sharing, from the most unlikely group of poets!"
    Sarah Johnston, Mt Carmel High School
  • "The Red Room Company provides the right environment and stimuli for students to discover their talent."
    Ann Ding, Year 10 student at Pymble Ladies' College
  • "The program is enormously flexible and can easily be adapted to suit the needs of the school…. It provides opportunities for differentiation and accommodates a range of learning styles"
    Maura Manning, Head of Teaching and Learning, Pymble Ladies' College
  • "As a poet working with The Red Room Company, I have been privileged to see the impact of their poetry education program on young people. Red Room helps poets and students connect, explore and engage with poetry on a level unlike anything else I've seen. As a writer, it's inspiring to witness it!"
    Candy Royalle, Red Room Company Poet
  • "Thank you so very much for this opportunity. It was an extremely valuable experience for our students and I found it professionally rewarding from a writing instruction point of view."
    Laurinda Motion, Teacher, Shepherds Park Education and Training Unit - Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre
  • " I had a great time at FUSION17. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I honestly believe that we did something special. The arts are about creating spaces for expression, and it has been a blessing to be able to do that whilst providing a voice to those who don't usually get one."
    Zohab Zee Khan, Red Room Poet
  • "Too often students encounter poetry in faded anthologies or as analytical tasks. What a privilege it is to hear poetry in the air, from a real, live poet’s mouth. "
    Ms. Alex Lawson, English and Literature Teacher, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School
  • "Students were challenged to explore their ability to craft extended metaphors and vivid imagery that would powerfully speak to their audience. [Students] expressed their genuine enjoyment of the activities and inspiration to develop more of their own poetry compositions. The workshop not only fostered the students’ creative writing, but also their understanding of meaningful experiences in their own lives and empathy towards others as well. We will definitely be booking Red Room Poetry in future."
    Peter Ram, Teacher, Cedars Christian College
  • "Poet Luke Beesley gave me, the ‘teacher’ (aka, the learner) new ways to talk / think / appreciate / write / share poetry."
    Natalie Bellis, Head Teacher, The Peninsula School
  • "I have loved this experience, of looking around, writing poems, going to beautiful, magical places. "
    Grace, Student, Shoalhaven High School