The School

All Saints Anglican School is a world-class Christian school where everyone joyfully reaches their full potential.
In this school students and members of staff will act confidently and considerately, rejoicing in the knowledge that they are giving their best in a community where they belong and are valued. They will be aware of the integrity that flows from balancing their spiritual, academic, social, physical, emotional and creative impulses. A sense of wellbeing and optimism will characterise all aspects of school life.

The Project

As part of the Alternative Learning Program at All Saints Anglican School on the Gold Coast, Scott Sneddon will be inspiring 220 Year 10 students with a poetic performance and a Q&A session where he will be sharing his techniques for performance and poetic language. Students will have the opportunity to take part in thought provoking writing activies as guided by the poet.

Date: Friday March 24th 
Time: 11-12pm
Location: All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac, QLD

The Poet

Scott Sneddon

Scott Sneddon (a.k.a Scott Wings) is a poet, comedian and entertainer. He is the 2013 Performance Poetry World Cup holder, a board member for The Queensland Poetry Festival, a host and workshop facilitator of the 2012/13 QLD Poetry Slam amongst others. He recently launched his show ‘Icarus Falling’, touring Australia and taking it to the mammoth Edinburgh Fringe Festival.