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All student poems

The School

Balcatta PEAC Centre, WA, is the Administrative centre for the Primary Extension and Academic Challenge program, located at Balcatta Senior High School, Perth, WA. The PEAC program provides opportunities for gifted and talented stidents in Years 5, 6 & 7. Schools in local areas get together to run extension programs for students in areas such as art, technology and languages.

The Project

During an 8-week-long course from the 6th June to the 19th August, students aged 10-12 years, of the Primary Extension and Advanced Challenge (PEAC) program, met at Balcatta Senior High School, WA, to create a collaborative poetry anthology. With the guidance of Australian performance poet Scott-Patrick Mitchell, they woite, performed and recorded their poetry, as well as created their own cabinet of curiosities. 

Each student selected a poem to be published by The Red Room Company as part of The Poetry Object 2013 project.

Click on each student's name to read their personal poetry folio below:

Amy L. 

Ashley M.

Cassidy P.

Georgina F. 

The Poet

Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Scott-Patrick Mitchell’s poetry has been described by Bold Monkey’s George Anderson ‘as one of the most diverse and original emerging poets working in Western Australia today’ while John Kinsella has described his work as being ‘new ahead of the new’. SPM recently performed his new one man show THE 24 HOUR PERFORMANCE POEM at Crack Theatre Festival while his latest collection – inner pity poems – was released through Department of Poetry in 2016.

He has been featured in two Fremantle Poets books, New Poets (2010) and Performance Poets (2013). He appears in The Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry (2014), Contemporary Australian Poetry (2016) and The Fremantle Press Anthology of Contemporary West Australian Poetry (2017). SPM is the Social Media Coordinator for WA Poets INC / Perth Poetry Festival.