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The School

Bellevue Hill Public School is located on a hill adjacent to Bellevue Park, which overlooks Rose Bay and Sydney Harbour to the north, and Bondi Beach and the Pacific Ocean to the east, hence the name “Bellevue” or “Beautiful View”.

The school is housed in a double story brick building, which was built in 1924 and opened in 1925. There is a strong family tradition with many students having parents and/or grandparents who attended the school and during the year 2000 parents, students and staff marked the school’s 75th Anniversary with a huge community celebration.

The whole school community is committed to excellence in education. All teachers are experienced and caring in their attitude towards the students. A stimulating and challenging curriculum is provided. Parents and children are eager to succeed and have as many learning opportunities as possible.

The Project

Bellevue Hill Public School piloted the Red Room Education program with Years 1- 6. The Red Room's former Education Manager, Tony Britten, and poet Tamryn Bennett created kennings poems based on the new Sea Things learning resource for junior schools.

The Poet

Tamryn Bennett

Tamryn is a poet and Director of Red Room Poetry. She has a PhD in Literature from the University of New South Wales where she has also taught Creative Writing. She has exhibited poetic projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Switzerland and Mexico. Her collection phosphene is published by the Rabbit Poet Series. Other poems and essays have appeared in Five BellsNth DegreeCorditeThe Drunken BoatImageText and Image [&] Narrative.