All student poems

The School

Belmont High School is a comprehensive school with the population of a reasonable sized town. Within this large number of students great diversity, aspirations and abilities abound and with the school motto of 'Building Harmony and Success' in mind, you will find the Special Education faculty operating, innovating and thriving. These special needs classes are shining examples of the best qualities of comprehensive public education - that societal need to focus on the broad sweep of education with the expertise to home in on individual needs without fear or favour. The aims of the Special Education faculty are to engage all the students regardless of ability lev, VICel to reach their potential, to integrate them into the broader school environment and to encourage each student to be enriched by their time at school.

The Project

Students from two of these classes were the participants in Red Room Education, which was conducted in the classroom involving twelve students from classes between Years 7-12. The poetry program was part of their overall literacy work but also allowed unique levels of self expression, individual work and collective cooperation. Within a framework of intellectual and other disabilities at a moderate to more severe levels, all the students were able to contribute into this age-appropriate and creative program. Co-ordinated by classroom teacher Mark Liston, the team included Yvette Fulton and teachers' aides, and the students received one-to-one assistance from Australian poet Ivy Ireland to create the poems and write them as needed.  The students produced an exhibition of posters and paintings that accompanied their epigrammatic poems.

The Poet

Ivy Ireland

Ivy Ireland, and PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle, and sometime magician’s assistant, was one of the Poets Union Australian Young Poets Fellows in 2007. The fellowship culminated in the launch of her first book incidental complications. Ivy has a penchant for mysticism, cosmology, harping and sideshow performance and has performed at various events including This Is Not Art, The Big Day Out, Canberra Folk Festival and The Peats Ridge Festival.

She was also the glorious winner of the inaugural Pigeon Poetry championship. Ireland’s poem 'Velocity' was first home – courtesy of Jimbala, the silver blue bar pigeon hen – in the 20km race along the NSW South Coast to determine the fastest verse in the nation. Jimbala, carrying Ireland’s poem about the exploits of a famous World War II carrier pigeon attached to one of its feet, flew the distance in a near record time of 15.22 minutes – overcoming winds gusts and lurking falcons.