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The School

Dapto High School is a co-educational comprehensive high school. The school enjoys a secluded setting, protected from the local urban development by the south coast rail line and picturesque Mullet Creek.

The Project

Thanks to a generous donation from a local Illawarra resident, The Red Room Company is running a special series of poetry workshops at Dapto High School throughout 2014. 

The first workshop featured Australian spoken word poet Zohab Zee Khan, who visited the students of Dapto High School on 17th February, 2014, to work through selected poetry activities from the Toilet Doors learning resource. Students watched Zohab perform his poetry and learnt about his own writing processes before composing their own poems. They then explored various guerrilla poetry publishing techniques, such as creating matchbox poems and scribing their works on the school's windows, transforming their hallways into aisles of poetic inspiration. You can read their poems here.

The second workshop was facilitated by celebrated performance poet, Luka Lesson, on 17th June, 2014. Luka performed for over 1000 students as part of the weekly assembly, before running instive writing and performance sessions with Year 7. Students created and performed their own poems inspired by the Red Room's Poetry + Music resource. You can discover the students' poems here and click here to check out Luka's poem, "Success".

The third workshop will be held in September with local spoken word poet, Lorin Elizabeth

The Poet

Zohab Zee Khan

Zohab Khan is the current Australian Poetry Slam Champion, didgeridoo player, harmonica beat-boxer and hip-hop artist. Zohab has toured Asia, the Middle East and Europe to sell-out crowds. In 2014, Zohab was a finalist in the International Poetry Slam in Madrid and was chosen to participate in an artistic residency in Dubai. 

Zohab offers a unique program combining spoken-word poetry and self-development. With the incorporation of self-development techniques, spoken-word poetry becomes not just a platform for self-expression but also one to inspire change and increase productivity. Zohab has conducted his workshops throughout businesses and schools around the world. 

As an 4th generation Australian of Pakistani heritage and having grown up in rural NSW, Zohab has channelled his distinct life experiences into stories with the intent to educate. Zohab confronts a range of social justice issues from racism to gender inequality and socio-economic disparities. Zohab’s high energy and powerful words have left countless inspired.

I Write (2015) is his first collection of poetry.

Click here to read an article in The Mercury about Zohab's experience at Dapto High School in 2014, including a short video of the workshop.