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The School

Davidson High School is located in Frenches Forest in NSW. Founded in 1972, the school complements academic pursuits with creative and performing arts programs, as well as sports and inter-cultural activities.

The Project

In Term 2 of 2010, students in Year 10 developed their own poetry based on The Cabinet of Lost and Found learnign resource. Australian poet Ivy Ireland introduced the Cabinet and herself to the entire grade in a series of introductory sessions. Following this, the co-ordinating teacher worked with the students to select a smaller group, who participated in 3 intensive workshops with Ivy, focusing on developing their own creative expression and poetic portfolio. The final form of the Cabinet will be decided in coming weeks, and may be a series of installations, a mixed installation and performance piece, or a chapbook of students' works distributed to the school community.

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The Poet

Ivy Ireland

Ivy Ireland, and PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle, and sometime magician’s assistant, was one of the Poets Union Australian Young Poets Fellows in 2007. The fellowship culminated in the launch of her first book incidental complications. Ivy has a penchant for mysticism, cosmology, harping and sideshow performance and has performed at various events including This Is Not Art, The Big Day Out, Canberra Folk Festival and The Peats Ridge Festival.

She was also the glorious winner of the inaugural Pigeon Poetry championship. Ireland’s poem 'Velocity' was first home – courtesy of Jimbala, the silver blue bar pigeon hen – in the 20km race along the NSW South Coast to determine the fastest verse in the nation. Jimbala, carrying Ireland’s poem about the exploits of a famous World War II carrier pigeon attached to one of its feet, flew the distance in a near record time of 15.22 minutes – overcoming winds gusts and lurking falcons.