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The School

Sunning Hill School is a school for girls within the Juniperina Juvenile Justice Centre in Lidcombe, Sydney. Juniperina JJC is the only Juvenile Justice facility that caters specifically for the needs of young female offenders in New South Wales. In order to accommodate the educational needs of all residents at Juniperina, Sunning Hill ETC has an educational program for induction and high needs residents as well as for those who are meeting their case-plan objectives. Each student enrolled in the school has an Individual Education Plan developed by the teaching team, based on initial and ongoing assessment. Teaching and support staff work enthusiastically as a team, committed to delivering programs and supporting students in achieving personal best performance, outcomes and rewards.

Sunning Hill ETC aims to provide a variety of educational and training programs that target the individual needs of all students, providing opportunities for students to achieve outcomes both academically and socially.

The Project

Read the Sydney Morning Herald coverage of this project here

Students from Sunning Hill worked with Australian poet Judith Bishop to develop a creative project based on the Cabinet of Lost and Found. Through a series of workshops the students have created poems based around objects special to them. Sunning Hill also collaborated with students from Pymble Ladies' College and Bankstown Girls' High School who created poems from the Cabinet of Lost and Found learning resource. 

The final results of this work were shared at a special collaborative reading event attended by students from Sunning Hill, Bankstown Girls' and Pymble Ladies' College on Monday 13th December. Read the Sydney Morning Herald coverage of the event here.

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The Poet

Judith Bishop

Judith Bishop is a poet, amateur translator and professional linguist. She has studied and traveled extensively, earning an MPhil. in French Literature from Cambridge University, a Masters of Fine Arts (poetry) from Washington University at St Louis, U.S.A., and a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

Bishop’s poems have been widely published in Australian and international literary journals, and she has won several awards including the Australian Book Review poetry prize (2006), and the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship in Poetry Prize (2002–4). Her first collection of poems, Event was published in 2007. Her other publications include translations of French poetry and scholarly articles in the field of Linguistics. She works as a linguist at a speech technology company in Sydney. Bishop has an interest in translating French poets, and has published translations of Philippe JaccottetRené Char and Gérard Macé.

Read some of Judith Bishop's own poetry below.