A thousand pairs of eyes staring at me.

Purposefulness, joy, importance, he was none of that,

he took all my attention; bu now everyone’s staring

at my greatest achievement.

I sashay past the girls with absolute confidence,

bottles tucked comfortably between my arms.

Feeling proud and mature, wine bottles feeling heavy

in y arms. I got the ladies’ attention.

Only cool people get liquor, the finest of drinks.

This wine is so strong, like me, just one more sip,

My cheeks went rosy red, burning with pride, while

I held the empty wine bottles.

I am the happiest child in the world as girls stare

at me and my two bottles.

The bottles were heavy but I was too happy to mind.

I marched proudly as I was finally responsible

enough to do the errands.

7Q Collaborative poem

By Collaboration

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