By Grace

you can buy two iPods

you can buy 100000 packets

of icecream

you can buy 1000 iPads

eat my Dad


By Isabel

Go to school by


Cross the road by


Draw wherever you want on the



By Tracey

Don’t flush the toilet and

play around


 By April

Go get me 1000 chips

Go steal a police car

Don’t go to school


By Rose

Get the passport, call Ivy and Margot and go to

Hawaii and stay there

for a whole day


By Fiona

Eat lots and lots of junk food and never

ever eat healthy food again.

Hit a stranger with a house.

Let’s forget about our homework and buy candy.

Break your mother’s heart.


By India-Rose

Have lots and lots

of junk and

don’t stop til you’re fat

amd sour


By Fifi

Go buy some fish and then

feed the polar bear at the zoo


By Samantha

Here is the lighter so go and

put the bed on fire

Here is my undies so go and put them on

Here is my bed so go and

sell it to someone

Here is my friend so get away

from her

Here are the toys

so go and flush them down

the toilet


By Cian

Play Wii all day. NOW.

Chop the houses down.

Make lightning everywhere.

Rob the bank.


By Issa

You’ve been a good boy, go

to the top of the mountain

and jump down


By Anonymous

Burn down the house

and the street before I

burn you. Give me a hair cut with

ice cream.


By Jenny

Jenny, we are going

to the sun.


By Mac

Get a saw and chop the fence.

Steal every toilet in Sydney.

Do anything you want.


By Ivy

Go outside and jump in the washing line. Get

tangled in the clothes.

'Things Your Parents Would Never Say' Poems

By Yr 1 & 2, Marrickville Public School

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