Everyone is on me, torturing me and wounding me

Sticking buildings on me

Landing heavy planes over me

They shoot their guns

All I hear is BANG BANG BANG

They drop bombs on me and make me crumble

I have a plan

To get rid of these scummy bacteria by using my best defence

An EARTHQUAKE            

I’m going to get rid of these bacteria

City by city

Starting with Hastings and Napier in New Zealand

I gather all my energy

And channel it to Hawkes Bay

Energy erupt

A massive earthquake in Hawkes Bay

I swallow buildings into the tears in my skin

I swallow up their roads which act like cement chains tied around me

Revenge feels like concrete spewing through my skin

Finally the city was gone

A weight had been lifted

I do it so casually

Swallowing up cities

It’s just a hobby to me

But hell for those who were in it

The End

By Jack

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