I once saw an old woman, perched on a chair,

Her eyes seemed to sparkle behind that black mask,

Two moons caught in magnifying rims.

Her dark body seemed to sway back and forth,

Back and forth as if no worries in her mind,

Only sweet melodies formed in her thoughts.

The people around her, their face like parchment,

Glowered down at her while they sipped,

Watching; waiting.

Two men with strange pointed heads approached,

Long white capes drifted over their heads, wavering at their feet,

Walking like the leaves that fall before the blast of cold.

She was alone,

Nobody would dare sit next to her

As they yanked her, without emotion, rigid.

It’s funny, you know,

Because you claim you’re greater than us,

But really,

Who said we were afraid of you?

Dark body

By Scarlett

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