I, Parvana, a young girl living in Kabul,

that was once beautiful and peaceful

but now under the power of the Taliban.

My father and I walk to our store,

reading letters for those who can't read.

One day, I cried and wept along with my siblings,

Ali, Maryam and Nooria and with mother.

It was a depressing day, our hearts broken.

As if a club smashed them into a million pieces.

Our father, our only hope for money, for food, for a living,

has been arrested, now all gone, disappeared in the dust.

We plan so we are able to have money, to survive,

as the Taliban loathes women out on the streets and working.

We have decided. I'm becoming a boy.

For a journey, for money, for food, for a living. 


By Katrina

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