Poem 1


A sludge of earth

a tricky of water

and a poof of power

created me

the first female to be alive.


Beauty, music and so forth

was given to me

by the gods.

To be all gifted,

the  name Pandora came to me.


Connected by two rings

I was given a jar, it was never to be opened.

For my gift of curiosity, this was my downfall.

With one click darkness begins to spread.

All but the light of hope was left behind.


Poem 2


A dusty was for me

to bind the darkness

with a speck of light.


I was given a woman.

The first that I've seen.

She was a beauty.


She opens me up.

The darkness I release.

I really regret. 

Poem 1 & 2

By Michelle

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