Tears roll down my cheeks and I look at the scene before me

blurred vision of two faces but I only see one.

It has been so long since we met, but I as sure we would be together until the end.

Until his almond eyes set on the girl before him,

I would have known nothing different.

She is beautiful, but something stirs inside me.

Why does this girl make him so happy?

Happier than I ever made him?

Was every laugh shared, ever secret told, a lie?

No, it couldn't have.

I am confused, lost, sick without him.

But he is sad when he is away from the girl.

I go to say my sad farewell, but a harsh shot is sounded and a pain flairs in my chest,

an arm reaches out, grabbing me tightly around the wist.

I meet the face of the one I love,

and I use my last moments to cry in his arms.


By Olivia

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