The goddess of the hunt

in the white shadow of the moon

speared her prey with silver arrows.


The virgin stood beneath the cypress

watching the deer with warm deep eyes

basking in the moon before

her twin would rise to dawn.


Daily, she hunted

though she was the protector of animals

easing pains of women.


Strong and silent

the huntress of the moon stands

watching in the dark, watching

the animals, women and wilderness

watching the moon go down as Apollo rose.


I breathe in the heady scent of the hunt

a goddess with a mission.

One second shooting down with silver arrows,

next second protecting all the wild.


The wild daughter of Zeus and Leo

Opposite of my twin

the sun Apollo.


I protect the women, wild

and wilderness.

I will stay virgin -

have through millennia.


I sit below the cypress

cast in the white shadow of the moon.

The deer walks up and sits

beside my silver arrows. 


By Masako

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