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Rendezvous of Sunday, February 6, 1916


A sinner’s taxonomy
of wax syllables straying, impatient:
begging you to spell it out
to tax and file away those problematic punctuations
or else fax and defile, painting crass aberrations
like a fading portrait in the gaping maw of a whale
a letter bomb nesting amongst evening’s mail
to incinerate oneself in the pits of language
to fan the flames in a deluxe boiler suit



In response to Marcel Duchamp's 'Rendezvous of Sunday, February 6, 1916 (Rendez-vous du Dimanche 6 Février 1916)' 1916.

See the artwork that inspired this poem in the flesh, along with more than 100 of Marcel Duchamp’s world-renowned pieces in ‘
The Essential Duchamp’ exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 27 April – 11 August 2019.

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