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Truckin' Hard

Life really does suck

When you’re buying your truck;

Can’t wait ’til it’s mine

So I’ve some spare time.

When the last payment’s done

I’ll relax and have fun,

But ’til then I must drive

If I want to survive.


Before you get underway

You have to load the whole day,

And then drive all the night

Just to be on the site—

Or you’ll hear the phone ring

And have somebody sing,

Where are you?  You’re late!

But mate, I’m parked at the gate;


So they open the gate

And you drive in and wait;

But the bloke on the phone,

Who was last night at home,

Doesn’t seem to half care

As long as you’re there.


From URGENT HOT freight,

To Yeah, we’ll get to you, mate,

That’s the way that it works

With a lot of these jerks.

It’s avoidable stress,

What is known as EXPRESS.


That’s the way that it goes

With this life on the road:

You’ve gotta push to the max

So they keep off your backs;

It doesn’t matter how late

You left the last state,

Just as long as you’re there,

That’s all that they care.


By the end of the week

You’re in need of some sleep,

But there are jobs to be done

Or this truck will not run.

So with overalls on,

Your weeks get so long

And the next thing you know,

It’s time that you go

As a new week begins

And you push to get in.


So if you have to wait

For your HOT URGENT freight,

Don’t ring with the shits

Like some of the twits,

For when fatigue has set in

It’s the bed I get in—

To revive and survive

From this long weary drive,

To deliver your freight

Undamaged, but LATE.


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