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5 Alive a Week

By Lionel F.
Realism Participants
On this July jive along
A Balund-a why house awake halls
In this inquisitive amoral dreams
Seems hard done
Reason season being cheerful
Will them write art or write words over non jailors
This sitting on another country
Meant society same as.
Yet country high on the lows
Society caught waits a shy lawmakers
Bring comparison with silence
Moment shadow enters
Bringing comets melodrama over the terracy
That can revolution
Your participant must afloat
They preserve  arrogant for those intellectual alienates
Don’t let rulers partaken your cultures
On the July here partisan
Became negligible soft minority
As secrets are told by untold stories.
Dance up a storm write down bad laws
The illiteracy are sponsors will set back song eccentric
For limits barrier links rules on convention contrived
So mimicry that crimes away
From collection expresses
Forget not worth delicacy
Complicity wisdom to practice
Wise speech songlines on July

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Poem Audio

  • Balund-a 2016- Lionel F. reads '5 Alive a Week'