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Alcohol Took My Freedom

By Blake D.
I lost my life to the drink
Everything I cared about began to sink
And the more I start to think
Tempts me to pick up another drink
It cost the one’s I love most dear
Cos I didn’t want to hear from the ones who cared
I guess deep down I was scared of this addiction I had reared
I wish I knew the real cost
Of the things that were lost
My loving family who were always there
But now they can only stare
At what I have become
I guess I will have another one
I’ve lost the ones who were most dear
Is what I would say
But today is a new day
No more getting led astray
It’s up to me to carry myself away
Into a better state of mind
I will try and find a new kind of man
I want to be the one who can provide
For a family, someone to be there
For his partner and kids
No matter what life brings
This addiction has only given me strength
To go at life another length
No matter what gets thrown at me

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