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Because of Her I Can

By Adam

Because of her I can believe that I am
Worth all the trouble that I have gone through
I can hold her, I can smell her hair, I can see
What she sees, I can dream again, I can be me
Again and it’s all because of her, I can

On the darkest night you are my light 
In the lowest time of my life you are my strength
When I fall and stumble you are there to pick me up
When I’m drowning in pain you are my rock that I
Hold to pull me up, you are my world, my everything
Because of you I can be a better man

Because of her I can breathe again
Because of her I can hope and dream again
Because of her I can finally open
My eyes and see what has always 
Been right in front of me
Because of her I can be what I was 
Born to be; a proud black man
Because of her I can believe that
I’m worth all the trouble and heartache
Because of her I am who I am
I love because I can

My head down feeling sorry for myself
Tears flowing like a river not wanting to stop
The hate – the anger – the pain – the blame
It is at everyone but the one it should be
Hours become days, the days become weeks
Weeks become months and months turn into years
Finally it comes time to go home, I’m scared
That they will not see that I am now a better man
A proud black man, the man I always was
The man that I hid
Because of her, I can be everything, because of you
Julie Perry, I am everything, not just a proud man,
But a proud black man
Because of her
I don’t count the days, I make the days count
Because of
You I am

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