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Being Black

By Darren S.
Being Black ain’t just the colour of my skin
It’s a proud feeling of pride that comes from within
Don’t call me Australian
I don’t swear at you
It’s a made up word that a gub said to you
How could the lowest of low british scum
Even begin to comprehend our way of life
Wasn’t sent here for doing the right thing
Got the hide to call the yellow man boat people boaties
Fucken hypocrite, the first fleet wasn’t flying saucers
When you invaded our shore
You stole more and more
Your actions have filled my heart with hate
It’s time to go psycho like Norman Bates
The eyes of the world have us in their sights
The spotlight is on our plight
In a never ending fight
For land rights
1-2-3 – it ain’t a mystery
This land on which you stand has a black history
A proud Kamilaroi man
I’m ready to rumble
Life’s  like that
That’s how the cookie crumbles
We call ourselves brothers, let’s act like family
One mob, unconditional love
In the universe there’s nothing as strong
And nothing lasts as long
With it, you can’t go wrong

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Poem Audio

  • Balund-a 2016- Darren S. reads 'Being Black'