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Bundjalung Bigambul

By Clinton T.A.
You call me Aborigine but I am the original Aboriginal
Of this land you call Australia
When I say let me go walkabout back to the land
Where my ancestors roamed long ago, hunting and dancing
Sitting round the campfire listening to elders talking of
How things were when they grew up
And that’s why I’m the ORIGINAL ABORIGINAL. My oath
Balund-a – you can’t break me
As you are built on the land of the Whalubul tribe
As I came here to free my mind
Of the bad things that put me here
And I will change into the proud man I know
I can and will be
Balund-a – I am a proud BUNDJALUNG man of the WHALUBAL TRIBE
My Rose may not float like a butterfly
and sting like a bee
But he will do the shake a leg
Around you and hit like a roo
That’s what he will do to you
As he is the Original Aboriginal

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