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By Darren S.

Words cannot express exactly what
You mean to me.
If you could look through my eyes and see what I see.
The back bone of our family.
As I get older it starts to dawn on me.
Your courage and strength seem endless
Unconditional love tremendous.
Just to know you is an honour and privilege.
I’m more proud of you than there are stars
In the night sky.
I love you more than all the leaves on all the trees in the whole wide world.
Your smile lights up my world and gives me strength and reason to be the best I can be.
I sometimes see you in my sister when she dances.
I thank the good lord every day for blessing me with a Mar like you.
I’m forever grateful I lucked out twice with your good looks and brains.
I will love and treasure our time together, for ever
My mentor, my teacher, my protector, my mah, my life, my reason for living, my mah
To quote Charlie Pride : “You make my world a place worth living in.”
Thanks the lord for my mah
I’m eternally grateful
P.S. Each day that passes by you mean more to me
Darren XOX

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Poem Audio

  • Balund-a 2016- Darren S. reads 'Mar'