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By Ronald H.
Mum.I think about you everyday an’ the way you’d say yo’r and think about how lovely and caring used to be to all of your children you have a beautiful heart andyou are a beautiful woman an’ I wish you were still here for this hard time I’m going through, just like you always was the only one who could make me happy when I was sad, or when I’d go to jail, you would always get me bail.I think about how you wouls comb my hair before I went to school and it would make me shame and I would mess it it up when I got on the bus but looking back now I know that you knew about itbecause when I’d get home from schoolthe first thing you’s say to me was “look at this ugly hair” because it would be all over the place. Then you’d kiss me an say ‘it’s not ugly hair, it’s lovely jet balck hair” an then Mick and Son would say “nah, he got girls’ hair “ because it was so long . Then I would cry and you woudn’t cut my hair for a long time and even Dad started to say I looked like a girl but you would always say the right words to make me happy which is why I will always miss you Mum now that you’re gone I don’t  have anyone to make me feel happy no one to pick me up when I’m down, no one to get me bail when I’m in jail. You’re my Mum and my best frienuntill I see you again you will always be in my heart. Love u Mum

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