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NAIDOC Group Poem

By Unlocked Participants 2017

Translated into Bundjalung by Gilbert L and Roy G


Naidoc Numgirr Gala
Blagganmirr Ngu
Goorina Minjehla Wen Beh Ba

Gala Ngam Ngah Numgirr Na
Balang Wen Ba Ngari Mirr

Nganyar Ngam Ngam Ngah Bujar Na

Yogubibeh Racism Ga
Yogumbeh Garima Beh

Ngam Ngah Colours Ga
Gudjin Ngaku Mugge

Bugan Ma Burybe Wullinje Balund Da

Nai Nai Naidoc, cheer

Guram Widja Mauehr Wen

Six Months Beh Gayehr Ngay Wen


English Translation


Naidoc is a day for all
Indigenous people to celebrate

This is our day to be proud of who we are.

We miss our loved ones

No racism, no disrespect,
Our colours red, black and gold

Second chance, down by the water
At Balund-a

Nai Nai, Naidoc cheer

You might be there

Six more months I be here.


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