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By Joe G. 
I wanna be somewhere, where I can love what I see
And to dream of things, and make it reality
I would like to explore, to open my mind
Nomadically following, heart, and life’s designs
I long for the things, such as freedom of speech
To make a suggestion, have opinion, even teach
Share an idea, and plant it like a seed
I just don’t, there might be someone in need
Offer a gift, for a welcoming sake
Sing a sweet song, creating mates
Like the long ago crow, who sang high and low
But people were watching, so his story goes
With anger and jealousy, it was discussed that they do
The red hot ember, the curse they pursued
Caught him in a chorus, they dropped in his mouth
Hot ember and curse, as vocal came out
It scorched his gift, and to this day you’ll find
Grundgie and chocked, every note, every line.
If I could fly, just like old Wah
I be out and about, near and far
And with all my dreams, I could sprinkle like rain
That waters my seeds, waiting for fruit waiting in vain
But I cry alone, without dripping tears
Thinking of the moments, that turned into years
No it not time to conclude or expire
Life, love and friendship, is my desire
So I’ll continue this life, God’s given me
And tell of the dreams, of wanting to feel free
Free from excuses, and expectations to be.
Away from the audience, that may want to mold me.
I’ll cry for them too, for they’re my people you see.
I cry for those, who give up on life soon
Who had their own dreams, that they kept in their room
Who can we tell, and share without
Having to answer to power with doubt
Silent crying, is not seen, silent crying could be ones dream.
From: A Dreamer, (Joe G.).

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