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By Stewart S.
The cold hard sky brings the cold hard wind
Brings me back to the things I did
I bring my Mum shame but she’s not to blame
My kids are left without their Dad
My partner cries
The days are lonely
The nights are lonely
Thinking of you
My one and only
The cold hard sky brings the cold hard wind
Constantly brings me back to
The cold, hard things I did
I brought you and my Mum shame
But you both aren’t to blame
I done my crime
I do my own time
The years have passed
I’ve seen no green grass
I miss my babies
I see them cry
It makes me weep
It makes me cry
I sigh and listen to the birds outside
They give me freedom, they give me hope of one day we are back together
And we elope
Fuck the haters
It’s our love, she shines down on us from above
I miss your smile, it’s been a while.
Your big brown eyes, they tell no lies
Your soft pink lips, I miss that kiss.
But here I sit still
Lay in my bed, thinking of all those
Secret things you said when you laid there
Beside me
I miss you so much

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