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Dearest Belinda

by Rooney 

My dearest, dearest Belinda
I’d love to drop u a line
But you’re gone, so there is no more time
Then that u left me, so selfish, so cold
Like U just did not care
But maybe thats my fault
Cause when you need me I just was not there.
But to a place you’re gone
And I just cannot follow
What is feels to me
Is unanswered sorrow
But on a much awaited day
I will gaze upon your face
Please know that whilst Im on this rock
Your face will never be replaced.
So until I get a chance 2 tell you
Know you are always on my mind
Second after second, time after time
A hole u have left
I’ve never been able 2 fill
Sometimes I hate u 4 it
But mostly I love u still
You made me a promise
4ever and a day.
Know that after this life
It is a debt I’ll make you pay.

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