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By Stoke



            And again we walk A Path That Leads nowhere

            no Beginnings no ends Just The Same

            That Will Be always

            for one of us who spends Life as A Prisoner

            once we Believed That We could Be Different

            But we Live to no one But our Selves

            and to fill an empty heart with hope is The

            worst Lie we tell

            for we always know to Push others away

            is more for them not for you

            you will always Be alone

            no matter how Long you spend Beside someone

            But to put hope in to one’s own heart

            is much harder

            for you know There is nothing else other then this

            You hope and fall you Become Broken Beyond fixing

            so when you Think of hope

            it is The hope of Being who you are

            Not who you can Become

            for all we know for all we are will never end

            so Don’t hope you will Become Them

            it is a Path That Leads nowhere

            other Than Becoming The Same

            A Prisoner

            with nothing Less Then Before

            you could always Think About it

            But to Try and fall is so much more then

            most of us are

            willing to try


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