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by Rooney

I hated me back when,
She hates me right now.
Im told it helps to talk
But I recalling the why and how,
She says I need to change.
I totally agree
Cause all I truly want
Is her, baby and me, the perfect number three.
                 LOVE, WHAT IS IT 2 ME?
I want 2 know what love is
What it means 2 me
Not what is in the movies
Or on some rom/com TV
So is love chocolate and flowers
A verse on a Hallmark Card
When I do all this
She says Im trying 2 hard.
Yeah for me a simple smile
A kiss on the cheek
Flowers on her pillow
Rose petals on her sheet
For everyone love is different
2 each it is their own
But one thing I truly do know
Never, ever propose on the phone.

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