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by DJ Pelican 

At the age of 16 me & tha boyz
We’d get up to no good, getting into all sorts of trouble

Gangs, Drugs and money played a big part
Cause we were all hooked on heroin…

We had a lot of struggles with family and girls.
Doing breaks, dealing or any shifty way to get
Money, once we had money in our hands
Then we could all get high together no matter the consequences.
Even when friends were dying dropping like flies,
You’d be lucky if there was someone there to save your life or ring the ambulance.
All those times when people overdose they don’t realise
How one shot of heroin can take your life.
What a waste from one shot…It also hits home the hardest when your gone.
We’d also get in trouble with the police…
They’d lock us up and wouldn’t give us bail
So then you knew were of to the bighouse (jail).

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