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Banggang Cūndū (Old Tree)

~ poem is written partially in Gumea Dharawal, with interpretations by Joel.


Gumea Dharawal:

Nandhirra ngundāmurrajāng ngala walbūgging ngia
Nandhirra ngundāmurrajāng ngallaēnmarri māndijāngwūlunyun ngia
Ngaradha yanggamarri ngūranyaga ngia
Wadgamānya ngundāmurrajāng būlwūlpa galina
Ngaradha jerralali yagiabilla ngia
Būwnj ngurajāng dharundharung gilinya ngia

Nandhirra burungalaligū gūdjielalinya ngia
Nandhirra murrawal garangama ngūrajang ngia
Ngaradha bulwarinya ngia
Ngaradha būlmbillanya ngia
Būwnj dūgeri ngia
Nandhirra ngundāmurrajāng daran:ba djillnadjānnya ngia
Nandhirra ngundāmurrajāng būlwūlwiliabilla ngia
Nandhirra ngūrajāng dharandharung gillinya ngia



I see the people live at peace
I see the people share their meat
I heard the singing on the land
That made the people strong and dance
I heard the stories told again and again
I remember the country always the same
I see the boats come towards the camps
I see other people steal the land
I heard the falling
I heard the fighting
I remember crying
I see the people go through the pain
I see the people become strong again
I see the country always the same

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Poem Audio

  • Joel Deaves reads 'Banggang Cundu'