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Art of War

by Mark


Magnetic Impluses travel toward the

Cerebral Cortex

Carefully handlled and baracaded before

there’s perplex,

Illusions predicting accedents to strike

And occur,

Mindstate position Comfortable and equipt

with jacket and furr,

Procrastinating negetive thoughts with a

Demon right beside me.

No such thing as a crucifix only darkness which shines brightly,

A journey to heaven no longer was this

place and exsistance,

Only a type of mirage with Lucifer’s

voice echoing with persistence,

A memorie activated once thretened in

any condition

Hideous fallen Angel commands you to

take the decision

Spyschological warfare is a slave to the

Minds imprisonment,

possed to decapitate with a crookerd

sharp implement,

Visualise a drawn portrait to the procedure

to Art of War

First Category Selected the instinct of Rise

and fall

these creatures of death are more like

pink panthers

Now suicide got me over board like

A Ships anchor


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