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Back on Track

by Albert

Out of prison got my own 2 bedroom
place got my son’s room decked out for
him I’ve got a real good job digging
gas holes for gas pipes I’m earning good
money           I want to have my driver’s
within 6 months so that I can drive
back home to Wello where I come from
I’m gonna follow my son and support
him with whatever he wants to do
I know he’s gonna be a good athlete
I also want to buy some weight sets
so when he’s old enough when he’s 14
I wanna get him into training so
he develops.

I want a real nice woman to keep
the bed warm when I get home late
and who loves my son like her
own. So Alby, 10 hard working years
and a lot of good saving is my
mentality and these are just some
of my goals.

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