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It’s become far too scarce, disappearin’ way too
Too many dishonest people getting around.
Which is fine to a degree, my problem with it
Is when you turn on your own people, family & friends.

What happened to the days where you could stand
Side by side
Knowin’ that when the darkness crept close
Your team would stand strong.

Loyalty, honour, respect are far too rare nowadays,
In this world we’re surrounded by madness,
Governed by political sharks, scandalous dogs
Beaten by society
With the hard spikey stick they call justice.

We know what we know and should band together,
Stand tall,
Not cheat those willin’ to back us no matter
Like snakes in the grass.

Although I only show it to those deserving,
Do the right by me I’ll do right by you
For I believe in the morality of old school.

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