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Dreaming of Death

by Steven


I hear you can’t die in your dreams.

Last night though,

                                    I died.

I shudder at the thought of its finality.

I have a conscious thought,

                                    Im dreaming,

                                                I can’t die.

In my unconscious state,

                                                I freefalling,

                                                            plunging down,

                                                                        a cliff.

                                                                                    To oblivion.

Is this ct?

I pinch myself…


I’m still awake in my sleep.

I start to comtemplate my entire

Existence before this moment…….

This fall feells like ETERNITY……

 ……….. DEAD.

I float, Gasp for air,

                        and with a fluttering heart,

                                                wake up.


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